Wednesday, January 27, 2021

You've Got Mail

 "In transit". Those are the words you like to read when you are tracking a package. They bring a bit of excitement to the day. A little while later you check again, because you are anxiously awaiting those Great British Baking Show oven mitts, only to see the same message. Days later, still no change. Sigh. I'm almost expecting random photos of my mitts in different locales to show up in my mailbox. This does not deserve a Paul Hollywood handshake folks.

That being said, I can tell you that I spend a great deal of time in my local post offices and have gotten to know a few employees fairly well. They (well, one postal clerk in particular) have told me of the employee shortages, the influx of holiday mail they are still delivering, plus some crazy weather that's happened in certain areas, which explained my perpetual "in transit" message. I have seen the teetering stacks of packages behind the counter. It makes me wish I had left my mail carrier a better Christmas gift tied to the mailbox. 

So instead of refreshing the USPS Tracking page over and over like a madwoman, I decided to make some art. 

Guess those GBBS mitts are still on the mind. Hm.

I used one of the kraft boxes from Alpha Stamps for a tiny project. This one is the 3x3 Kraft Folding Box with Sliding Lid with a cellophane window. I cut out a bunch of mail-themed collage images then glued them all over the box. A few words were printed, inked, and glued on. I added a header made from an oval in the Bakery Box Banners chipboard set and a Symmetrical Bronze Flourish.

The inside is pretty plain; I made four envelopes from black cardstock, added a stamp from the 4 Heart Icons Rubber Stamp Set, and called it a day. In case you're wondering, any envelope smaller than 2 1/2" square would fit. 

And here's a tutorial on how to fold the box:

fold along all the creases toward the inside except for the notched bits (those are folded the opposite way)

roll each side with the notched bits to the inside

and then join them

like so

tuck in the short tabs

and finally, roll the last two sides over to the middle. you can either use double sided tape or glue to hold the flaps in place.

Well that didn't take too long. Maybe the mitts are Out for Delivery now...

Thanks for checking out this little project, and I hope whatever you might be waiting on arrives soon!

Don't forget to GO HERE to see the supply list!


  1. I just love it! I've looked at your previous posts and I'm blown away! You are so creative.