Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Dark Shrine

 The Bird Watcher Kit for this month from Alpha Stamps is  such a delight! It has a Mini Birdhouse Shrine, pretty papers, the Petite Birds & Nests Half Sheet, mulberry paper flowers, and a bunch of other stuff to create something lovely! Maybe an ornament for a bird-loving friend? A tiny garden shed? Lots of possibilities!

But I didn't do any of that. I think I miss Hallowe'en.

The Mini Birdhouse Shrine fit nicely on top of two Window Boxes with Gothic Facades with room left over for a perimeter of black and red roses.


Most everything was painted black, but a collage sheet image was glued to the back to lighten things up a bit. 

After painting everything black, I used a woodgrain patterned stamp for the walls of the shrine. The window boxes were also painted black but wrapped with Black Woodgrain Scrapbook Paper and Half Scale Widows Walk Fencing was added.

Inside the shrine is a teensy table from the 1/4 Scale Dining Room Furniture Set (, a detailed skull, and perched on top is an American Crow. The bottom is covered with lichen, moss, dried lavender buds (smells great!), and a few sprigs of dried German statice. 

The base of the shrine is just as easy to put together as the shrine, and the shingles are snippets of the same black woodgrain paper used on the base. The pretty Loopy Chipboard Scroll Corner finished the top. Here's a quick run-down of the assembly:

1. Paint all the things black. Stamp some things if you want. Glue two Window Boxes together. Cover with woodgrain paper. Assemble shrine.

2. Cut two pieces of floral foam to fit inside the window boxes. Paint the foam black. Glue Half Scale Widows Walk Fencing around the new base.

3. Glue finished shrine on top of the window box base. Paint paper roses and leaves if desired, then stick a bunch of them in the foam. Add cobwebs.

4. Cut long strips of black woodgrain paper, then cut into smaller pieces to use as shingles for the roof. I roughed up the edge before gluing. Repeat for other side. All done!

Now I need a second Birdhouse Shrine for all of my lovely Bird Watcher things! :)

Go HERE to see a supply list and HERE if you're itching to make something a little dark. Happy creating! 

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