Friday, November 26, 2021

Holiday Cheer Miniature Room Box

 The weather outside isn't frightful, but I have chosen to stay inside to create a mini holiday scene. It's also Black Friday, so there is no way I'm leaving my house. I wore yoga pants all day and had noodles delivered from six blocks away. It was great. 

My newest project is a cheery miniature gift wrapping scene with rolls of paper, ribbon, scissors, and gifts!

There's a 1:12 Wardrobe - Shelves, an Unfinished Wooden Trestle Table, and a White Wall Shelf with Hooks inside the 7x7 Corner Room Box, plus a bunch of new boxes in all sorts of sizes - Tiny Rectangular Gift Boxes, Mini Bakery Boxes with Windows, and Chunky Gift Boxes. Boxes for days!

There's a few Mini Gift Wrap Boxes next to the wardrobe along with a Shiny Bright box of ornaments. I love that the gift wrap boxes are both white and tan. So easy to stamp or paint! The gift wrap rolls are bits of paper wound around a skinny dowel.

Look at this pretty wardrobe! I covered it with paper from the cheery Merry & Bright Custom 12x12 Paper Set. The door has been left off to show the bits and bobs inside. 

I've hung a festive garland along the top, used the lid to a 1-5/8 Inch Suitcase as a tray, and then proceeded to fill the shelves with teensy cute things like the Ceramic Snowman Tea Set.

The bottom shelf has an ornament box and a few white gift boxes waiting to be filled and wrapped. 

My favorite part of the project is the Mini Train Locomotive with Train Cars (it's The Gingerbread Express). The larger Mini Recipe Box makes a perfect card holder.


Creating this little room box was a delight even though I had to reassemble it after Tim the Enchanter knocked the entire thing over while I was taking pictures. He wonders why I don't use glue like a normal person. Then again, he probably wonders about a lot of things...

Happy holidays to you! And don't forget to GO HERE for the supplies from Alpha Stamps that were used in the Holiday Cheer room box!


  1. Love the cute Christmas room- love all the details. Your kitty is so cute-looks like a little mischief maker with his cute face. >^..^<