Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Petite Paper Village Ornaments

 Here's a quick and easy project you can finish while also managing the holiday hustle. It involves simple cutting, folding, and gluing. That's it! The best part is you can make as many parts as you want and they can be hung on a tree, used as gift tags, or, for those adventurous crafters, cut out a bunch for an Advent calendar. So, what in the North Pole am I talking about? 

Tiny glassine envelopes with a surprise inside! 


See? Super easy! The ornament is nothing more than an envelope with a tag-shaped rectangle of scrapbook paper adhered to the front, followed by a red punched doily, then a holiday collage sheet image. There's a sprig of holly garland and a tiny red ribbon hot-glued on the top. I punched a little hole in the scrapbook tag before sticking it to the envelope so a length of baker's twine could be strung through. I had six finished in two shakes of a reindeer's tail.

Now for the fun part: what to put inside the envelope? I'm a sucker for paper toys of all kinds, I just love them. When Leslie asked if I would like a Miniature Paper Model Christmas Village, my reply was SEND THEM ALL! followed by a shocked cat emoji. She's probably used to that by now.

The tiny village would be especially festive surrounded by artificial snow and fairy lights. One ornament could be removed each evening, the building assembled, then placed in the snow. There are also people, animals, trees, and fences included on the model sheets, which are plenty of additions for a countdown calendar. 

Oh my, so cute!!

Oh my, so small!

I think I want to cut out all of the villagers and kitties now...hope you enjoyed the petite paper village ornaments!

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