Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Bus Stop, 1950

I took a break from knitting winter hats to make a miniature bus stop using 1/4 Scale Tiny People and an equally small park bench from Alpha Stamps. The people were painted, the bench was sanded a bit before being dirtied with antiquing fluid, and then I built the bus shelter. 

I used a Tiny Little Shadowbox House for the enclosure, but replaced the roof with corrugated cardboard from an old Priority Mail box. The original roof pieces turned into the sidewalk. The sides of the shadowbox house were also left off so I could add "glass" from a trimmed vacuformed window.

I cut the center portion from two vacuformed plastic windows, leaving a tiny lip on one side. This lip was glued to the notch on the back of the shadowbox house. I framed the windows with scrap balsa wood. Do you see the trash can? It is really the plastic end on a replacement Christmas bulb. The bulb was removed, the bottom half cut off, strips of paper were glued over the holes, and then it was painted. 

The bus stop sign is a small number bead, a toothpick, and a metal thingie that luckily had a perfectly sized hole for the toothpick.

it's a bus stop sign and a trash bin...

The whole scene was glued into the lid of an Altoid tin before the tree and landscaping were added. Pretty fun!

Happy crafting to you!

Go HERE for a list of supplies used.

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